Thursday, July 21, 2016

MOONDUNES--By JC Langelle--(c) 2015

YUCCA MOUNTAIN--By JC Langelle --(c) 1990

From Gabbs to Winnemucca, they're talkin' about Yucca, that mountain near Las Vegas where nukes are outrageous--It's T-minus and countin' down at Yucca Mountain in another minute the ground would shake in a man made earthquake--

Technicians with the D.O.E. watch and wait quietly, not far away a dark mineshaft holds the product of their craft. Measured in kilotons it's brighter than a thousand suns, measured on a seismograph it warms the hearts of the testing staff--

Standing outside the test site gate, protesters shout, "Don't Denonate" One even tries to be a hero and sneaks over to Ground Zero. They used to have mushroom clouds go off while people stood in crowds, they lined the bars to see the show and waited for the big, bright glow--

But after the flash and they spent all their cash, the tourists all went home and forgot about that volcanic dome-- It's T-minus and countin' down at Yucca Mountain--

Welcome to Moondunes--


 ---new york nemesis---
                        he is what he wears, clothes make the man--
                        and around the village he wears what he can--
                        but one thing he has and he sure doesn't lack it--
                        is his silver studded black leather jacket--
                        some guys like to wear bomber coats--
                        but with the girls they never get any votes--
                        and others are in the long wool overcoat racket--
                        but they can't beat the silver studded black leather
                        for those who like to play it rough
                        there's a set of manacles to handcuff--
                        the gal who thinks she can hack it--
                        the derelict in the silver studded black leather
                        a man's got to be at the end of his tether--
                        to be into so much glitz and leather--